Welcome to Digital Strike

Bringing life to your ideas and dreams

Welcome to Digital Strike Designs, my home on the Internet and also a place where I can exhibit a piece of my mind to the world. Digital Strike is the name I've taken during my time as a cosplayer and now use it in the design industry.  I am a freelance designer with the focus on the anime car community now. While this is a niche-community, its a community that I have been welcomed to and now offer my services in return to these clients.



Commission Status

Commission status is open for the time being. Currently have three commissions in the queue, feel free to contact me here if you're interested in hiring me to design your livery. Current designs include the following:


Rimuru Tempest (Toyota Yaris) - That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Inosuke Hashibira  (Ford Focus) - Demon Slayer

Rengoku Kyojuro and Akaza (KIA Soul) - Demon Slayer

Rimuru Tempest (Nissan 350Z) - That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime


Business REgistration

With more and more commissions coming my way, Digital Strike will be registering the business name and with that said, sales will be included in the customer prices. Along with that, it will allow me to take my business on the road and expand to more than just itasha designs.


I will be looking into designing stickers and setting up an online shop as I register my business name and trademark. It's quite exciting to see it come to life and help many clients make their dreams a reality.

My other places on the internet

My Life as a Cosplayer

I'ma cosplayer and active convention attendee. You can see this slice of my life here.  The name Okumura was adopted from Blue Exorcist characters Rin and Yukio Okumura.

Toyota Deku

This subpage will be under construction. It will feature my vehicle along with the history, adventures, and conventions I've had in the itasha community.