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Welcome to my online home for my cosplay and convention shenanigans. I am Tony Okumura, a cosplayer from Texas who spends his spare time making costumes and being a geek when he isn't designing. The site will feature my costume history, lineups, and even logs from my previous and upcoming conventions across North America. Feel free to drop a line here or like my Facebook page!

Upcoming Events & Announcements

JAN. 2016


Greetings! While 2015 is coming to an end and 2016 is only a few hours away, I am leaving behind a great set of memories that I've built throughout the many conventions this year. While it has been my second busiest year (2009 still being the busiest), I still had a ton of fun being with so many people at so many events. I would have been going to Ikkicon, but decided on taking a break and instead visit Vancouver, Canada. I am enjoying it so much up here and hope to return!

Returning cosplay

Taichi Yagami to be redone following new series

Following the debut of Digimon Adventure Tri, I've been wanting to return Taichi Yagami into my cosplay lineup. The costume had to be put away in 2011 after damages to the wig and parts went missing during my move across Texas. While it has been contemplated in being remade, with the launch of the new series I am hoping to be able to make not just the original version but the rest of his additional versions. I will be keeping my audience posted on any updates in regards to this outfit.

My other places on the internet


I am a part time designer as well so some of my works can be seen there, though there aren't many, I am posting what I have little by little.

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While I do maintain this site, I would like to be able to interact with other cosplayers around the world. Feel free to like my page on Facebook and let's be friends!