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A Mexican born cosplayer living in Texas, I have been involved in this hobby since 2006 and have been active in the cosplay community since 2008. With several outfits worn and plenty of conventions attended, I've gained quite the experience in this environment. Digital Strike Cosplay originally began as Digital Yume Cosplay in 2008 during my days as a cosplay commissioner and this helped him branch out into other mediums. Here are some details in regards to what I've done, what my plans are, and who I am as a both a cosplayer and as a person.

CosplaYER Q & A

What got you into cosplay?

What got me into cosplay had to be the fact that my mother was a seamstress and was always sewing. Seeing her work with the machine and surrounded by materials, I eventually took the hobby as a cosplayer in 2006.

What was your first costume and why?

My first costume was Ash Ketchum from Pokemon. This was worn for an event prior to the convention Shimakon which took place in South Padre Island, TX. I chose this costume because it was a simple closet cosplay with some slight modifications to fit the character’s wardrobe. Unfortunately there aren’t many pictures of this costume.

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Photoshoot with Cosplay in America. San Japan 2011. Picture by Nephrus

Soul Eater group. Anime Central 2010. Picture by Nephrus

What was your favorite costume and why?

This is quite tough to answer as I’ve put quite the bit into each outfit and I like them all. When it comes down to the ultimatum, I have to go with both Taichi Yagami and Soul Evans. Taichi remains in this category because of how special the character is to me and Soul because through this outfit I was able to meet both the Japanese and American voice actors to Soul’s character.

DO you have a dream costume you'd like to make?

Currently I don’t have a dream outfit to make but there are some that I would like to try to make But if that happens to be the case, I will post a note of it on social media and here as well. Currently anything I have planned is based on what I am watching.

Digimon Adventure & 02 group. AnimeFest 2009.

What has been your most memorable cosplay experience?

In my earlier years as a cosplayer, when I was dressed as Taichi, I’d get a lot of people approach me and telling me how awesome it was to see a cosplay that reminded them of their childhood. With the release of Digimon Adventure Tri I can expect to see more Digidestined cosplayers out there.

DO you participate in masquerades?

I used to maintain a competitive attitude in the cosplay world but as of recently I’ve backed off from competitions due to the cosplay drama and I have decided to embrace the hobby purely for fun and not competition. Maybe later on in time, I may return to the stages but for now it’s not in the books.

What was your best masquerade experience?

Best masquerade experience has to come from all the memories I’ve gained both on stage and off the stage. In fact, I’ve met many cosplay friends through masquerades and many of them still remain as friends to this day.

Have you won any awards for your costumes?

I’ve won several minor awards. One was a halloween cosplay contest held at a store in the local mall while the others were actually won at conventions. The first one came from Onicon 2008 where I won Judge’s Award and the second one came from O-Conn 2009 where I was the runner-up for the walk-on contest.

San Japan Anime Olympics. San Japan 2013. Picture by Nephrus