Naruto Uzumaki

NAruto ShiPpuuden




Year Debuted: 2007

Event Debuted: Alamo Cosplay Troop

Status: Retired

Bringing up a past guilty pleasure, I really did enjoy Naruto and it's sequel Naruto Shippuuden. The character of Naruto was a ton of fun to play and people knew right away who I was. Through this costume is where I began to gain confidence in wanting to venture into self constructed outfits as I didn't want to continue buying full costumes. The outfit has since been long retired and there are no plans in cosplaying him again. This was one those costumes that I put little to no effort and was done prior to my years of being a competitive cosplayer.


This was one of my first costumes that I can consider fully functional as pieces were not falling apart, granted I would eventually learn to make my own stuff. Unfortunately there are not many images of this outfit as Naruto was a very popular costume and I blended with the entire mob which in return didn't allow for many photographs. Most photos were taken in non cosplay areas as selfies...not something I'm proud of, but hey they're still photos so it counts right?

©Masashi Kishimoto, Shonen Jump