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about Digital Strike

Digital Strike is the stage name I picked up during my earlier days as a costumer. Originally as Digital Yume in 2008, the name was taken from my love for the series Digimon Adventure "Yume" was the Japanese word for dream. While it was a silly little concept, it changed to Strike in 2011 during my days at Full Sail. The "Strike" part was amended following the fact that I was able to strike into my passion and actually make something positive with it. During the process, my name legally changed from Ambriz to Okumura but my stage name remained the same. Digital Strike now caters to the itasha community by designing vehicles for clients all over the world.

My Branding






Logo History

My personal logo has undergone a wide variety of changes. The one on the far left is the one I used during my years as a costumer but that immediately changed when I enrolled in school. The addition of the lightning bolt was incorporated with the change of the name to Strike. I wanted to keep my image simple so in 2012 I went for a completely clean approach. While still maintaining a similar look, the font was slightly modified to have more curves and the square was changed to a polygon with each side to reflect a different part of me: myself, the designer, the actor, the musician, the cosplayer, and the designer. The modern logo come in both its symbol format and the letter-based version. While I am currently content with this one, I am sure I will continue to grow in my skills and my branding will be able to evolve.