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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Strike strives to deliver quality work in every design made for any vehicle. Whether its a car, motorcycle, or even a plain sticker, my goal is to fulfill every order in a personal and professional manner. This section will help answer many of the questions I've gotten from many clients as well as fans of my work across social media. Hopefully these answers will help you get a better understanding of how I work and what to expect in the event of having me create one of your designs. If your question isn't here, please contact me directly.

What should I pick as my design?

Can you design using fan art? What about Kingdom Hearts?

Getting an itasha made is like getting a tattoo, granted its not permanent, its still a big commitment. I strongly suggest having something in mind as you approach me. It took me years to choose my design and the wait was worth it, so don't feel pressured, but go with what YOU want to have. This itasha will ultimately be a part of your personality in the long run.

Unless I have written permission from the artist directly, no. Also, I will NOT touch anything with Disney thematic at all. This is not my choice but Disney is extremely protective of their properties and honestly it's not worth the hassles and legal issues with them. Official art has been relatively flexible to use as most licensors are ok with the use of works as long as it's not used to make profits off of it.

Do you use vector or raster images?

I have a con in a few weeks, can you make my commission?

Vector art is my strength due to the cleanliness and crispness it provides in the final product. However vector art is insanely time consuming and straining on my eyes. I also am willing to work with raster art, but the drawback to it is the pixelation it has on a larger scale, so I try not to work with it unless its in the much smaller details.

I would at least require every client to provide me with 3-4 months time in advance to have slots open and meet my deadlines with every commission. I tend to do most of my designs on a first-come-first-serve basis, so please understand that there may be clients ahead of the line and each design is quite intricate.

How long does each commission take?

So I know what I want, what's next?

Each commission is unique and special to me as I am not only investing my time but also my skills and effort into every aspect of each design. With that said, my time frame for each commission can take a few weeks to about a month depending on the complexity of each design and how many commissions I happen to be working on simultaneously.

I am considered 'hired' once a 50%  non-refundable deposit has been made and reference images have been provided to me for your work. I ask that every client provide reference images of their characters as I will most likely be using those in the final product. This is the first step in the creation of a unique design...so please choose wisely.

What is partial design vs full design?

I've decided to cancel my design, can I get my refund?

This is a term I've been using recently when asking my clients what type of design they want. A partial design basically means just the character design alone for a large vinyl that is to be placed on the car. A full design not only includes the character design, but also the background elements, logos, lettering, and everything that makes the itasha unique.

I charge a 50% deposit up-front. This non-refundable deposit is to ensure the client's spot in the line and begins the creation process. Deposits are not refundable since I would have already invested time into the commission and as a a result time worked is time paid. If there's a need to reach this step, please contact me directly to work things out first.

Do you offer print/installation?

Can I wrap my 'basic' car?

My job here is to provide you with a unique and personalized design for your vehicle. Sadly, I don't have the tools and skills to print and install your design. I recommend hitting up local car wrap shops and ask around for pricing. Many of these installers can work with you if you provide them with an idea of what you want to do.

I believe that you can wrap anything as its part of who you are. While the itasha community has a lot of Japanese sports cars, there has been a trend in non-sporty cars joining the community and at the end of the day this is one huge family and will embrace every make and model. Just have fun and be passionate!

Can I as an artist do a collaborative itasha project with you?

What are your rates?

Absolutely, if you're an artist, I would love to collaborate with anyone who wants to display their work with my design. In fact, I do actively support other artists so to me this would be more than delightful to do with anyone that has the talent to bring their work on a larger scale. I would most likely still vector the image to maintain a crisp clean look.

This is indeed the most important and common question I ever get asked by anyone looking to get an itasha. Currently for 2021, my rates will be disclosed as I am under a complete business overhaul. However, rates starting for 2022 will be listed here for your information. While every project is different, I try to keep my rates reasonable for my clients.