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Many of the works seen here have been approached to me by clients, organizations, or corporations and have all been made with effort, passion, creativity, and lots of dedication. Since 2008 when I first began offering my services to others, I believed in sharing my skills with those around me and to fuel my drive to keep doing these works. While my primary work is now design based, I will share some of my other services that I do have available to those wanting to seek the aid of a creative individual.

Costume/Prop Design

and construction

Digital Strike began as my nickname in the cosplay and costuming world. I have loaned out my commission services to various people in the convention community and throughout dates like Halloween. While I am not taking any commissions at the moment, I am always open in helping others.

Art Themed Clothing

As an artist, I ventured for different mediums to paint in. While I could stick to the the traditional canvas, I took it a step further and painted on clothes. My services are still available but I am solely restricting myself to independent art. The pants depicted in the picture were gifted to actor Kyle Hebert, known for his roles in Dragonball Z.


As a partner within the company, I also create and design name tags for people who are employed there. This project started out when the company unveiled a new dress code which gave employees free range* with their tags. All my tags are done professionally and laminated for extra durability. *Restrictions apply on the designs.



All work inquiries have to be communicated to me via email or in person. Any projects must be given in a timely manner to allow proper quality.

All work will be subject to an written agreement. The agreement covers fee info, time frames, and payment arrangements for both parties.

Contact Information


By using my email form, you can reach me directly. Also, you can reach me via social media in any of the sites provided.

Rates vary per project and difficulty. For a list of available rates per project or per hour, please contact me.



My primary form of payment is Paypal® for online orders and cash/debit (via Square®) for in person transactions

Works done for Starbucks, Bryce Papenbrook, and others were done with their consent. All rights reserved to their original content creators.