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Commission services

Digital Strike has shifted into designing Japanese pop-culture vehicles or itasha as more commonly known in the community. I strive to help clients bring their ideas to life by creating unique designs their personality and the series they love. My graphics are vector-based using a mix of Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop with a strong focus in crisp images and precise detail. The following steps in the creation of an itasha design are listed below . If you have any questions, feel free to reach me in the contact us page.

Steps to Getting a vehicle Design Done

Direct Contact

Agreements & Cancellation

The client can easily reach out to me by e-mail, via this website, or through social media such as Instagram. Please allow me 2 months window time frame to work on any commission.

All work subject to a written agreement. The agreement covers fee info, time frames, and payment arrangements for both parties. In the event of a cancellation. The down payment will not be reimbursed to compensate for the time invested in the commission.

Brainstorming & Ideas

Completed Commission

The Client provides the designer with reference images, as well as make and model of the vehicle in reference to be designed on. The reference images are the responsibility of the client  as it is what they'd choose in their design.

Once the commission is completed and fully paid for, the master files are delivered via Dropbox directly to the client. It is the client's responsibility to search for a print/install shop. Client has 30 days maximum to pay off the completed commission otherwise the deposit and the design will be forfeited.



A 50% down payment is required to begin on the commission. This is to secure the client a place in the queue of commissions being worked on. Because every design is different, rates may vary on difficulty and detail; however most of my rates are universal. For a list of available rates per project please contact me via one of the methods described above.

All vector images are based off official art or original art. Any fan art must come with written approval from the original artist. All rights reserved to their original content creators.