Welcome to Digital Strike

Inside the mind of a creative individual

Welcome to my site, a place where I can exhibit my work and a bit about myself and what I do. Digital Strike is the name I've taken during my time as a cosplayer (costumer) and have continued to use it as my artistic alias. While I do function as a freelancer and contract-based artist, I am always open to being recruited to work for anyone provided that the environment allows a flexible, professional, and engaging experience for both parties to work in harmony.


JAN. 2016


Currently I've been out of the United States for a few days now and I have not been able to bring any updates to the site. I am looking into creating blogs and keep tabs of where I travel throughout the United States. I am also looking to start designing more in 2016. While most of it will be personal work for self-display on this site, it will be created with the same dedication and details that I would put into it if I were making something for a client.

My other places on the internet

My Life as a Cosplayer

I'ma cosplayer and active convention attendee. You can see this slice of my life here.  The name Okumura was adopted from Blue Exorcist characters Rin and Yukio Okumura.

My Portfolio

I've been creating works for some time now but now I have a place where I can showcase some of my selected works. Feel free to view my portfolio.